Monday, 12 January 2015

Natasha Burton – A Dynamic Personality With A Vividly Colorful Career

Most of the people are born with some or the other talents; but there are very few people in the world, who mark their presence and get renowned for their skills, talents and achievements. Natasha Burton is such a name, which has marked many distinctions in her career graph. Starting from the level of high school to the college and through her professional life, this lady has made a distinct appeal for herself with her multi-dimensional skills and sparkling achievements. Once, dreaming of becoming a Lawyer, Natasha Burton has taken stride along time, to become a successful producer, script writer, journalist, a creative writer and an editor.
Multi-dimensional Character
Natasha Burton is a producer, entrepreneur as well as social activist who grew a big passion about law back at the early age of 12. However in grown up age she developed another passion towards fine arts and TV and movie screenings. As a born leader she was able to excel in all the fields she covered. She is also a free lance journalist that has earned laurels in covering various burning topics and issues. She is also a professional producer and has received multiple awards as one of the leading creators in the genre of fine arts. Awards include Dr Shirley Weber Community Service Award and the scholarship awarded by San Diego Police Association.
First Taste of Success
Natasha Burton experienced the first taste of success with the show that was captioned “Fame in the Family” that excellently represents the ups and downs that are experienced with fame 87 and with the show in the air she had a feeling of success that is unparalleled for any first timer. The multifaceted talents in her character was also revealed in her freelance journalist role and she has been regular writer for many leading magazines and sites like Maxim, MSN,, Woman’s Day, and the Mom. A seasoned reporter, Natasha has written a lot of reports on various burning topics.
Role as Relationship Expert
With the publication of The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags back in the year 2011, Natasha Burton emerged as relationship expert. She has been serving various enterprises like the Wall Street Journal Radio, Playboy Radio, as well as the Mark & Brian Show. Her academic qualification of Master’s Degree in creative writing that she obtained from USC has helped her become an experienced relationship and reputation management expert. As the founding editor of that is one of the leading women lifestyle sites on the web she partnered with MSN as well as the Hearst Magazine. She helped the launching of the site in April 2010.
Divergent Topic Coverage
As a writer for the Natasha Burton covered divergent topics like sex, relationship, health, fitness, celebrity news and others. In the process she also infused the enthusiasm about the media role in mending the society and lifestyle of people.
Leading a dynamic personality with a versatile experience, Natasha needs no special introduction for her personality. An active thinker and a challenge acceptor, Natasha has always proved her enthusiasm in pursuing success throughout her career. Even now, she is endeavoring new ventures in the Hollywood as well as in many other prominent circles. She also finds time to devote to various social issues and has been awarded for her efforts.

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