Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Natasha Burton – A Born Leader With Multiple Talents And A Passion For Perfection

Natasha Burton – a dynamic diva from behind the scenes, flourishes with multiple skills and talents. A graduate from San Jose State University with a degree of Criminology and destined to be a Lawyer, Natasha has shifted her career priorities towards the entertainment industry, when she shifted to the LA. Passionate about being a Lawyer since the early age of 12, she has transformed her professional identity as a prominent freelance journalist, columnist, a script writer and a book writer along with being a producer in Film and Television. She also holds a Masters Degree in creative writing from USC.
Natasha Burton
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Natasha has many credits to her being a personality with multi-dimensional talents. She has a long list of experiences trailing her resume. She has also made some significant contributions to the society and accepted social service as a fundamental responsibility for her. This is her contribution that has rewarded her with many prestigious awards and scholarships such as “Dr. Shirley Weber Community Service Award” and “San Diego Police Officer Association Scholarship” just to name a few.

The leadership qualities of Natasha reflected early in her school, where she was a member of the Debate Club and later on the School President. The same qualities get further enhanced in her professional career with the success of her show on E! – “Fame in the Family” – her first successful show and an instant hit on the channel. Her experimental nature also had driven her to become a professional journalist with famous names such as The Huffington Post as an Editor, as the founder editor and many other magazines and online publications such as Maxim, Woman’s Day, Cosmopolitan, iVillage and so on. Her works featured on various magazines and tabloids such as People, Daily Variety, FHM, ModernMom, Glamour, etc.

Natasha’s achievements flourished on and she has appeared as a Relationships Expert for WSJ (Wall Street Journal) Radio, Fox 5 San Diego, “The Mark & Brian Show” on 95.5 KLOS, Playboy Radio, Cosmopolitan,, and She was also featured in various other broadcasts from US, UK, Australia and UK. Working as an editor for Natasha Burton has covered various highly demanding topics such as Celebrity News, Relationships, Sex and Health, etc. She has featured many intriguing topics such as The Virginia Tech Tragedy, The effects of the Facebook IPO, Silicon Valley Divorce Rate, etc. during her entire career at different milestones.

Technologically Natasha Burton has also taken a leap while developing a smartphone gaming application named “Flying Celebz” which operated on iPhone, and iPads. As the name indicates, this game features many high profile celebrities such as Justine Bieber, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, and many more. This is a fun-filled game with various real life obstacles such as paparazzi, huge hanging lights, gigantic microphones and other situations that can pose a threat to the personal and professional lives of celebrities.

Truly a personality of genius capabilities, Natasha Burton has lead many experimentation in her life and has successfully overcome obstacles to create her self-identity. Today, she is  still innovating new challenges for her and developing strategies to overcome those challenges with a smart mind and dedicated determination. In this ever-changing world, time is the only judge and the constant in Natasha’s portfolio that stimulates her to venture into new adventures. 

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